Working Holiday

Various Categories Dependent on Country of Residence

Applicants under the age of 31 years who are citizens of a country that has a working holiday scheme with New Zealand can apply for a Working Holiday Visa.

Note that there are different visa’s dependent on your country of residence.

These visas are valid for 1 year and allow the holder to work in New Zealand on a temporary basis to supplement their finances as they travel.

Note that there are restrictions on what work can be undertaken and for how long, can include voluntary work and is not limited to working for money.

Regardless New Zealand is a popular location for young people to visit for long periods of time and this visa is perfect for the young traveller who needs to pay their own way.

If during your stay in New Zealand you are offered a full time job, it is possible to convert your Working Holiday Visa into a Work Visa as long as all other criteria are met and subject to the usual restrictions.

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