Skilled Migrant

Migrants who have skills/experience that New Zealand is lacking or short of should consider applying under this category.

Points are awarded for various things, including: employability, work experience, qualifications and age. However an Expression of Interest (EOI) must first be submitted to Immigration New Zealand (INZ) for assessment.

Points are used to rank applications to enable INZ to make offers to the strongest applicants.

Once you are able to claim a minimum of 100 points, and meet the Health, Character, English Language and age requirements (applicants must be 55 years old or younger), you are free to lodge your EOI with INZ in the Skilled Migrant Pool. INZ makes its decisions fortnightly and invites successful EOI’s to apply for a visa.

Note that there is no guarantee that having reached 100 points that you will be offered a visa or even asked to apply as there may be other more skilled applicants who have higher points than you do.

Once INZ invites you to apply, you need to provide documentary evidence to support your application, including details of your qualifications and work experience and anything else you have claimed points for. At this point INZ will also undertake an assessment of your potential to integrate into New Zealand society as this may influence whether a visa will be granted.

If you have a job offer, evidence of this and other information will be required. Normally a proven job offer will improve an applicant’s chances, but there is no guarantee.

Applicants who do not have a job offer and/or have been assessed as less likely to integrate well into New Zealand society, will be assessed again and may be required to attend a face to face interview which will help determine the success of the application. Applicants in this situation may be granted residency, granted a Work to Residence Work Visa or have their application declined.

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