Parent Resident

This category allows the parents (and in some instances the grandparents) of adult New Zealand citizens or resident children to apply for a visa

If you have dependent children you cannot apply under this category.

Note that even when this category is open, Expressions of Interest can stay in the selection pool for up to 7 years without resolution or any guarantee of success.

 There are 2 tiers:

Tier One:

Applicants must have:

  • Minimum guaranteed annual income; or
  • Bring NZD$500,000.00 of funds to assist you with settlement in New Zealand; or
  • Have a sponsoring child who has sufficient income (either personally or their partner) to support you.

When open Tier One EOIs can take up to 1 year to be selected.

Tier Two:

Applicants must:

  • Be able to prove their New Zealand citizen/resident child has an income of a minimum level.

When open Tier Two EOIs can take up to 7 years to be selected.

Applicants under either tier must be English speakers, of good character and health, and be able to prove their identity to the satisfaction of INZ.

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